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"At Basia's" Apartments and Cottages

Apartments and Cottages in Zator


We are located in Grodzisk, 5 km from the town of Zator.

We offer accommodation in a convenient location, so that our guests can take advantage of the most popular attractions in Poland which can be found in the near vicinity.


Apartment 1

Apartment of approx. 18 sqm in a private house with a garden.

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Apartment 2

Apartment of approx. 70 sqm – two separate bedrooms, living room with kitchenette, hallway with a wardrobe, and a bathroom.

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Cottage 1

Cottage, brick, approx. 28 sqm, heated, year-round for 4 people.

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Cottages 2-4

Cottage, brick, approx. 30 sqm, heated, year-round for 6-8 people.

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Surroundings and attractions

We guarantee great fun and a pleasant rest.


Excellent location for visiting the biggest attractions of Lesser Poland Province.

50 km from Kraków – 20 km from Oświęcim (Auschwitz) – 55 km from Wieliczka Salt Mines – 4 km from Zator Amusement Parks


  • Papal House (Wadowice)
  • Energylandia (Zator)
  • Dinozatorland (Zator)
  • Miniature park (Inwałd)
  • Hunting Ponds (Dolina Karpia)


Zator - Amusement Parks ENERGYLANDIA

The family-owned Amusement Park in Zator, which is the largest in Poland, has specially separated zones, tailored to the individual preferences of visitors. Kids Zone features fairy-tale decorations reminiscent of a fairy-tale land, Family Zone s an area for the whole family with attractions designed for both children and adults. These include: water cannons, a rapid river, water tracks with boat rafting, as well as an observation train, Extreme Zone has been created for true thrill seekers. The tallest and fastest attractions are available in this area,

Zator - DINOZATORLAND Dinosaur Park

The family park in Zator features models of the most popular dinosaurs, which have an extremely realistic appearance. An educational path leading through Dinopark presents the most interesting information from the world of these prehistoric animals, as well as huge, moving exhibits which have been arranged among the trees and emit sounds.

Zator - Water Mythology Park

The only place in Poland where you can admire unique figures depicting Greek gods and heroes. Zeus, Daedalus, Icarus, Achilles and Heracles are the most popular. The fact that the mythical statues and scenes are set up in a pond testifies to originality of the place. In addition to Greek heroes, visitors can take advantage of other attractions such as: see the interior of the Trojan horse, visit the reconstruction of the ruins of the temple of Apollo from Delphi, or visit the shooting range.

Wieliczka - Salt Mine

The rock salt mine in Wieliczka is one of the largest and busiest tourist destinations in Poland. Special tourist routes have been set up: the classic Tourist Route, underground Krakow Saltworks Museum, Mining Route, Wild Areas of the Mine, Pilgrims' Route